plant chlorophyll meter, leaf sensor
atLEAFSoft Software

What is it?

atLEAFSoft software is a powerful tool oriented to the analysis of the plant parameters. It allows to transfer, display, store and analyze plant parameters, curves and spider plots. The software fully supports atLEAF CHL PLUS and BLUE devices through USB port allowing the download of measurement data, upload of species names and support of specific device available functions.

Software versions


With the free (not registered) version of software you can download measurements, upload species names or calibrate any atLEAF device with USB port.


Through our website the user provides the registration key and, if approved, a software evaluation key is provided for a period of 20 days starting from the key insertion date. During the evaluation period the program is working as with the PRO version, providing all the functionalities except some limitations in the number of parameters and measures (*).

Who can obtain the Evaluation Key?  Buyers of the atLEAF devices are entitled to the license key.

Get evaluation key (registration is required)


Through purchasing the PRO license of the software you obtain the USB dongle and you have access the full functionalities.


Online license enable full functionalities of the PRO version.

Please read the table below to see in detail the available functions for each software version

Main functions

atLEAFSoft Free atLEAFSoft Evaluation atLEAFSoft PRO
Download measures from atLEAF device and save them in CSV (text) format v v v
Upload names/labels from PC text file to atLEAF device v v v
Download and display info and parameters stored in atLEAF device v v v
Read date and time of the atLEAF device v v v
atLEAF device calibration (when available for specific device) v v v
Display values of atLEAF device measurements counters v v v
Download atLEAF device names to PC - v v
Sync date and time of the atLEAF device with PC time - v v
Read temperature, date and time associated with measurements - v v
Open and store ADAT files - (*) v
Open and store CSV files with measurement parameters - (*) v
Download measures from atLEAF devices and save them in ADAT format - (*) v
Display measurement parameter graphs - v v
Display tables with measurement parameter data - v v
Create, display and store Spider Plots - v v
Read and set multiplication factor and offset for atLEAF CHL measures - v v
Read and modify lower and upper limits of measurements for the API (AtLEAF Performance Index) calculation - v v
Command, download and display measures in real time through USB - v v
Perform, download and display measures with a selected period through USB - (*) v
Program, download and display automatic sequences of measures through USB - (*) v
Change device language - v v

(*)   A maximum limit of 100 parameters is set in the atLEAFSoft Evaluation version

  • No more than one atLEAF device can be connected at each time.

  • atLEAFSoft PRO
    If the license is purchased without having an atLEAF device, a Device SN to register on the Signup page will be given with dongle.

    Online License

    System requirements

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

    USB ports Free version: one port is needed to connect the atLEAF device.
    PRO version: two ports, one for device and the second for License Dongle

    1024 x 768, larger resolution recommended for PRO version

    Download atLEAFSoft latest version

    Download atLEAFSoft flyer

    Warning: Using the new atLEAF devices with the older UsbInt software may cause unpredictable results, including possible damage to the device.