plant chlorophyll meter, leaf sensor
atLEAF+ Troubleshooting
atLEAF+ device is discontinued

atLEAF+ Known Issues

Low Battery

When battery level is low, meaningless characters may appear on the LCD display.

atLEAF+ low battery level issue
atLEAF+ low battery level issue

We advise to replace the batteries when their charge level is lower than 9.

To check the battery level.
  • When powered on

  • an initial message is displayed for 1 second.
    In the second line the battery level is displayed as a charge bar with numbers ranging from 1 (low battery) to 9 (fully charged)

    atLEAF+ power on message
    atLEAF+ power on message
  • Through the Status command

  • atLEAF+ status command
    Battery Level 1 (low)

    Software USB Driver

    Tips in case of issues with Windows 7 USB driver installation.