atlcmd is a command tool for Windows. It requires the USB software license dongle (atLEAFSoft PRO) to run and allows to perform and download measures through USB connection.
Output data can be displayed, stored in a file or sent to a server through network.

How to use atlcmd

Open the Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell. Go to folder where is the atlcmd.exe and run .\atlcmd.exe -h to view commands and options available.
The atLEAFSoft PRO USB license dongle must be inserted and the atLEAF device (PLUS or BLUE) has to be connected and in USB mode.
You cannot run atLEAFSoft and atlcmd at the same time. Only one atLEAF device can be connected through USB at a time.

Examples of commands and options

Sync device time and show number of measures and names stored in devices
.\atlcmd --sync --get
Acquire a measure
.\atlcmd -m
Acquire a measure with selected name index 10 and store measure on
call .\atlcmd -store -namei 10 -m
Show measure 0 with temperature in C
.\atlcmd -measi 0 -temp C -r
Show last acquired measure
.\atlcmd -r -measi LAST
Batch file
Acquire 3 measures with temperature in F and send result to as
Store measures in device
Append data in user document folder file atleaf_test.txt
@echo off
set "Personal="
for /f "tokens=1,2*" %%A in (
'reg query "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" /V Personal'
) do if /i "%%~A" == "Personal" set "Personal=%%~C"
if not defined Personal exit /b 1
@echo on
for /l %%x in (1, 1, 3) do (
call .\atlcmd -out RAW -file "%Personal%"\atleaf_test.txt -append -http2 -temp F -store -m
Show number of measures and names stored in the device
Read measure 2 with temperature in C and send result to as
.\atlcmd -measi 2 -http1 -temp C -g -r

Download atlcmd