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atLEAFUsb app for macOS allows to upload species names, download measures and calibrate the atLEAF chlorophyll meters through USB connection.
It works with atLEAF CHL PLUS and atLEAF CHL BLUE devices.
atLEAFUsb supports one atLEAF device USB connection at a time.

Menu and Toolbar

Connect device

When the atLEAF device is not connected or isn't in USB mode the following screen is dispayed:

By clicking on the blue question mark the next window appears. Check the device user manual for further description on how to operate the atLEAF meters.

As soon as the atLEAF meter is in USB mode and connected through USB, the app automatically detects it and the main window appears as:

Check out the atLEAF user manual to read how to enter the USB mode or click here for a short description.

Device Info

The connected device parameters are read and dispayed.

You can delete all names and/or measures stored in the device.
Select the data you want to delete and click on the Delete button.
After confirmation the selected data will be removed from device and the device info is updated.

Upload Names

Click on the Open file button and select the file with species names to upload.
It must be a plain text file with .TXT or no extension and with one name per line.
The file with species names can be created with a text editor like TextEdit (Format, Make Plain Text).
Maximum 32 characters per name are allowed, up to 490 names can be stored in the atLEAF meters.
Click to view as sample file with names.

The list of names loaded from the file is dispayed. Click on the Upload names button to upload names to the atLEAF device.

WARNING, when names are uploaded to device, all measures and names stored in the meter will be deleted.

After the names have been correctly uploaded to atLEAF meter the "Upload completed" message is displayed.

Download Measures

When connected click on the Download data button to download measures from device.

The list of downloaded measures is displayed. Click on the Save data to file button to save the measures in a CSV file.

For information on how the SPAD and Total Chlorophyll Content (ug/cm2) are calculated, see www.atleaf.com/SPAD

Select the folder and name of the file.

The CSV file can be opened with a spreadsheet program. In the next figure a screenshot of the data opened with the Apple Numbers is shown.

Other Functions


This command performs calibration on the connected device. Click on the Calibrate button to start the calibration procedure.
In the upper panel the actual calibration data of the connected device are dispayed.

The instrument is factory calibrated, therefore calibration of the device is not advisable. Calibration should be performed only if anomalous measurement values are observed or after long time use of the meter.

Be sure that during calibration the instrument is not exposed under intense light conditions.

After ending the calibration procedure, the new calibration data are displayed in the below panel. In normal conditions the calibration data shlould not be significantly different from the factory calibration data.

Click on the Store button to save the new calibration data in the meter.

If the new calibration data are successfully saved in the meter, the next message appears.

App Preferences

To silence the app uncheck Sounds. Slide the Volume level to turn the sounds volume up or down.
You can change the separator for the downloaded measures CSV file among Tab, semicolon and comma.

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